Assorted Line-M-Up Pro Dual Marker Alignment Tool

Item #42608

  • $4.99

Line M Up Pro Precision Ball Alignment Tool snaps onto your golf ball to allow you to easily and accurate add alignment and identification marks. There are many different marking options that allow for a variety of uses. Use your marks to align your shot or tell if your putt is rolling straight. Line M Up also works great to add unique identifiers to you ball. Includes 2 Dri-Mark Golf Ball Markers attached for easy and convenient marking. Conforms to USGA rules and is legal in competition to help you align your putts and tee shots to improve your score. The perfect playing and training aid!

  • Color of Marker may vary (Color sent is random)
  • Sink more putts, hit more fairways and save strokes
  • Improves Aim, Stroke and Green Reading Abilities
  • Multiple Color & Marking Options 
  • Durable polycarbonate molding retains its shape in your golf bag
  • Concave "V" slot design allows easy marker tip access
  • Snaps onto ball and self-centers for straight and accurate marking
  • Underside ridge design prevents smearing of line markings 

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