Player Supreme Stainless Steel Two Way Ball Golf Chipper

Player Supreme 2-Way Ball Golf Chipper

Item #94310

  • $23.99

Player Supreme 2-Way (two-way) Golf Chipper

Need help around the greens like most golfers do? Time to bag a chipper! The Player Supreme 2-way chipper is the perfect tool to add creativity to your short game, and versatility to your overall game. Lower your scores immediately by taking the guess work out of your short game! Eliminate shanks, chilly dips, and the yips with the Player Supreme 2-Way Chipper.

The 2-Way Chipper makes getting out of tough situations around the green by allowing contact to be made from both handed swings.
Works for Left or Right Handed Play
35" standard length to give players usual feel and control over their shots, 34" for ladies club.
Approximately 46* in loft

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