13 GRIPS - Golf Pride Honorary Starter Limited Edition (includes grip tape and free shipping!) Comes in Standard and Mid Size

Item #95351x13

  • $168.87

Golf Pride is celebrating the staging of this year’s Masters Tournament at Augusta National with the unveiling of their 2024 Honorary Starter grip, a commemorative version of the MCC Plus 4 golf grips.

Golf Pride has a long and storied history of success in Augusta, with their first victory by a player using a Golf Pride grip coming in the 1967 tournament.  Over the last 56 years, Golf Pride grips has been used by 43 champions, including an unprecedented run of 17 consecutive victories between 1987-2003.

Golf Pride’s MCC collection is the most widely used golf grip in the world.  This is true at the amateur level, as well as all professional tours across the globe.  In fact, MCC will be trusted by many of the players competing in the 2024 tournament.  Golf Pride expects to be in the hands of at least 80% of the field in Augusta, with MCC representing 30% of those players.

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