About Us | JP Lann Golf

The origin of JP Lann Golf Company started in 1973 as Nefouse Associates, Inc and Nefouse Brother’s Distributing Co. In 1983 the name JP Lann Golf was adopted after the birth of the founder’s daughter, Lauren. The name JP Lann is an acronym for Juli, Paul, Lauren, Alex and Nick Nefouse thus JP Lann. The company imported golf accessories from Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Indonesia as early as 1978. The company specializes in golf umbrellas, tees, head covers and all hand held golf accessories selling to every major golf retailer in the United States under the brand name JP Lann Golf.

To this day, JPL continues to service both wholesale and retail customers with their innovative and well made golf accessories. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and our ability to handle your everyday golf accessory needs.