Golf Pride® MCC™ ALIGN™ Grip STD and MID (Available in quantities of 3, 7 & 13)

Item #95245X3

  • $38.97

The innovative MCC™ ALIGN™ hybrid grip that combines rubber and cord for all-weather performance is now available with ALIGN Technology for consistent hand placement every time. 

The Golf Pride MCC Align Grip is a popular golf club grip that is known for its advanced features and superior performance. Here are some of the key features of the Golf Pride MCC Align Grip:

  1. Multi-Compound Construction: The Golf Pride MCC Align Grip features a multi-compound construction that combines two different materials - a soft rubber lower section for comfort and a firmer upper section for control and durability.

  2. Align Technology: The grip has a raised ridge that runs along the back of the grip, which is designed to help golfers improve their hand placement and grip consistency. This feature is called "Align Technology," and it can help golfers of all skill levels achieve a more consistent swing.

  3. Micro-Texture Technology: The Golf Pride MCC Align Grip also features micro-texture technology, which provides a non-slip surface for maximum control and traction. This technology can help golfers maintain a consistent grip in all weather conditions.

  4. Tapered Design: The grip has a tapered design, which means that it is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. This design helps to promote a lighter grip pressure and reduce hand tension, which can improve swing speed and accuracy.

Available in Standard and Midsize

Size Weight Core Size
Standard 51.0 g 60 Align
Midsize 62.0 g  60 Align

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