Golf Pride® PRO ONLY Putter Grip (Various Shapes/Colors Available)

Item #95197

  • $15.99

Golf Pride® Pro Only putter grips feature modern standard shapes for confident putting. Specific-shaped areas for hand comfort & positioning. Firmer material tuned for increased feedback. The new Pro Only comes in 3 sizes for club fitting: 72cc (Red), 81cc (Blue) and 88cc (Green).

The PRO ONLY Blue Star putter grip features an angled back shape to lock in finger positioning and a wide flat paddle front for thumb positioning. PRO ONLY putter grips are built with a firmer, optimized rubber material for exceptional feedback & precision.

The PRO ONLY Green Star putter grip delivers a rounded, oval back shape for comfortable hand positioning and a slightly arched paddle front for consistent thumb placement. Golf Pride's newest putter grip models are engineered with a firmer, optimized rubber compound for unmatched precision and feedback. 

The PRO ONLY Red Star putter grip delivers the most Tour-preferred pistol shape with an arched paddle front for thumb positioning in a firmer rubber compound for optimal feedback and precision on the greens.

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