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Thinking About Opening a Wholesaler Account with JP Lann Golf?

Fill out a credit application today!


Unique Golf Accessories for Your Customers

Wholesale accounts for golf courses, valid resellers, and brick and mortar storefronts available!

Amazon Sellers 

Due to the high volume of third party sellers 
JP Lann Golf, Player Supreme, and Trick Golfball Company are currently NOT accepting any new FBA or Third Party Sellers on Amazon's platform at this time.

Same standards as top-tier brands

Pay less but receive high standard products from the same manufacturers, same materials as top-tier brands.  

Flexibility and versatility products

We provide service so you can adjust our products to your unique needs.

Excellence in Every Brand


Since 1973, JP Lann Golf and its subsidiaries specialize in golf umbrellas, tees, head covers, hand held golf accessories and other golf products selling to every major golf retailer in the United States under the brand name JP Lann Golf, Player Supreme, & Trick Golfball Company.

To this day, JPL continues to service both wholesale and retail customers with their innovative and well made golf accessories. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and our ability to handle your everyday golf accessory needs.

Before You Apply

JP Lann Golf and its subsidiaries are NOT authorizing any new FBA or 3rd Party Amazon clients at this time.
How do I know if I qualify to be a seller of JP Lann products?
ECommerce Stores (NOT AMAZON SELLERS), Golf & Gift Shops on a golfcourse or country clubs, and Brick & Mortar stores are encouraged to open a wholesale account with us!
Please note that having our wholesale pricing and catalog information does not constitute terms of sale. 
We are very grateful for your interest in carrying our products in your store! We cannot WAIT to work with you!
Please send your filled out credit application to info@jplann.com with the subject titled: WHOLESALER APP

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