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The Sinkfit Pistol Rubber grip features Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and Genesis Material. Together, these technologies provide responsive feel, optimized surface tack, and unmatched durability. The grip is ideal for golfers with an arc, or arc-to-straight putting pathway that utilize a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style.

Key Features:

  1. Pistol-style design: The Sinkfit Pistol Grip features a pistol-style shape, which is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It offers a slightly larger diameter in the upper hand area and a smaller diameter in the lower hand area, promoting a more consistent and relaxed grip throughout the putting stroke.

  2. Rubber material: Made from high-quality rubber, the Sinkfit Pistol Grip provides a soft and tacky feel, ensuring excellent grip and control over the putter. The rubber construction also helps absorb unwanted vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable putting experience.

  3. Proprietary Fingerprint Technology: Lamkin incorporates its proprietary Fingerprint Technology in the Sinkfit Pistol Grip. This technology features a consistent micro-texture pattern across the grip surface, enhancing traction and improving grip stability. It helps golfers maintain a secure hold on the putter, even in damp or wet conditions.

  4. Reduced Taper: The grip features a reduced taper design, meaning it gradually decreases in size from the upper hand to the lower hand. This design promotes a more even pressure distribution and encourages a more relaxed grip, reducing tension in the hands and wrists for a smoother stroke.

  5. CORE SIZE: 60 core
  6. WEIGHT: 120.0 g

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