Lamkin® Deep Etched Putter Grip

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Softer-feeling Genesis Material, enhancing the performance it’s already known for. It’s prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness, while its Deep-Etch design is ideal for golfers with an arc, or arc-to-straight putting style when utilizing a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style.

Key Features:

  1. Prominent horizontal etched pattern and traditional paddle shape for the players looking for a maximum responsiveness.
  2. Deep etched pattern designed for stability and traction.
  3. Lamkin's Genesis Material is a hybrid compound created to provide a highly-tacky feel while also providing comfort and performance.
  4. Genesis Material also offers superior durability to standard rubber, adjusting to any weather while maintaining its intended feel no matter the conditions.
  5. Made for .58 Round golf shafts and weighs 81g.

Available in black

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